Wednesday, January 20

Start the new year off right!

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Saturday, December 5

I am Blessed

As I sit here in the quiet morning before my family gets up, I think about how blessed I am.  Sure, I still worry about how I will get everything done...but you know what?  Does it really matter?  If the dishes get put away today or tomorrow?  If the laundry gets fluffed in the dryer AGAIN, or if the floor doesn't get mopped today?  It's okay because I am making memories with my family and that is what will be important if that is all that is left.

My life is starting to become more 'normal' again.  The last three years have been hard and I have been surviving.  I decided this year that is just not good enough.  I thought I was living again, but I wasn't, not really.  I have so much to be thankful for---my family and friends are amazing and have been there for us the whole time.  Things like this usually tear apart a family, but we are sticking together.  Don't get me wrong, we have had a fair share of tough times, but we always lean on each other.  My first grandchild was born this summer and he is perfect.  He was born a little early and it was scary for his mama and him, but everything is perfect now.  I have also reconnected with a good friend from high school---many many moons ago---and he is wonderful.

School has been a little difficult this year.  Moral is down and the kiddos are somewhat challenging.  So what do we do?  We boost up moral in our classroom and tried to be positive everyday.  Some of the more challenging ones in my class need the most love from me.  The other students pick up on my clues so we build a community of people who work hard to build others up.  This has not been as easy this year as it has been in years past.  I am beginning to see more kindness and caring gestures, even if they are few and far between, and this is cause for celebration!  They are learning to be giving and helpful to each other.  I gave up the kiddo gift change a few years back and I think it was an awesome decision.  We will be giving donated items to our adopted soldier, we will be giving food to the local pantry, we will be giving pj's to the needy kiddos thru scholastic, and we will be giving ornaments to our families that we created.  Giving of yourself is so important and needs to be taught to our babies.

What will you be giving of yourself during this Christmas season?

Wednesday, June 24

Baby Shower update...

I didn't do a great job of getting pictures because I was enjoying the shower too much.  Everything went smoothly and we had a great time!  Here are some pics of the decorations...
the cupcake table,

 the diaper cakes (they didn't have the animal label on the ribbon yet) I was so excited about how they were turning out!
I used a giraffe swimming pool to hold her gifts.  The head kept deflating so we added a 'bag of grass' to make it look like it was eating.  Always improvising!
The giraffe was so hungry, lol!

 The sign in table with the late night diaper funnies and prize bags,

silverware bow ties,

and all the tables were decorated with a diaper cake, stuffed animals, and books.

We had so much fun! 

Friday, May 29

Friday Night Fun

What are you doing on this Friday night?  I am getting things ready for my daughter-in-law's shower!  I can't post pictures just yet because she might see them.  They decided to go with a safari/jungle theme and I was so excited because that is the theme in my kinder room!  Is makes decorating so much fun and so easy!  I can't wait to post pictures next week.  Her shower is Sunday.

Monday, December 1

Cyber Monday Sale!

Enjoy your online shopping day!  I am going shopping, are you?

Saturday, November 8

Happy Saturday and a Freebie!

Do you send family projects home for your students and their families to complete? Students love sharing what they are doing in their classroom, and sometimes it is hard for them to remember when they get home.  I like to send books home that we have created together as a class.  Students can share their picture and their classmates pictures and talk about the activity with their parents.  I also like to send home books that we read in the classroom with an activity or two.   My students really enjoyed this book,
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and they love to make lists, so I created a packet that they could take home and share with their parents.
You can get it for free at my store.  I hope you and your students enjoy it!
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How do I package this and send it home?  I place my papers in a folder; putting the directions and sign out sheet in the middle and the handouts in a pocket.  
 I then place the folder and the book in a bag. 
 The bags are labeled with a number so I can recycle and use for a different book next month.  I have a pocket chart with my kinders pictures and the correlating number beside their picture.  What do you do in your classroom to create a positive relationship with parents?

Tuesday, May 6

A Sale for You!

Teachers work so hard and we spend a lot of our money in our own classrooms.  You are appreciated, so now is your time to save!  Head over to Tpt and save on your purchases today and tomorrow!  I have a lot of items on my wish list and I am headed over to start shopping.  You can too---here is the code!

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