Thursday, March 17


I went shopping this weekend and found some great items for my room.  Here are some of the things I picked up and what I did with them.
I purchased 4-5 bags of the coins and 3 bags of the shamrocks to use for a math activity today.  I mixed them together and put them in this wonderful container so the students could just grab a handful.  All three items were bought at Michaels.  The best part is that St. Patrick Day items were 50% off!
Here is the FREEBIE for the day...the worsheet that I used today.  My kinders loved it and it was a big hit during our special St. Patrick work stations.  They loved holding the pieces in their hands and moving them as they counted.
I am having some problems loading my pics from my camera, so I will try again tomorrow--maybe I need some sleep.

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