Wednesday, March 23

Our New Additions

I was checking on my fish before I left for the day and lo and behold--I saw one, no, two new guppies!  As I continued to search for more I moved the mama into a bowl by herself (which she did NOT care for) and I moved all the others to a different bowl.  With the help of my neighboring teacher, Mrs. Knight, we began to search!  After it was all said and done we had found seven babies!  My kinders are going to be so excited tomorrow when they arrive.  The babies probably showed up around a week ago, based on their size.  We put them in a small floating container so they would not need to hide and would be able to get all the food they needed to help them grow faster.  Okay, Okay--I was excited about the new babies!  Here are some pics--you might need to squint as you move closer to the computer--they are very small!

This is the container with the little guppy babies.
A close up of the mama guppy.

These are the babies and some of the bigger guppies. 
We have 11 bigger guppies and 7 new babies.
I feel a Morning Math Story brewing...

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