Friday, November 4

Guess Where I am????

I am at the Missouri Early Learning Conference!
I was able to meet Audrey Penn--the author of The Kissing Hand and other wonderful books.  I also listened to Laureen Reynolds speak about vocabulary (not sight words) and interactive writing.  I could relate to her and I loved some new ideas that she shared.  She gave some new ideas to introduce powerful vocabulary to my class and also some great new books.  I will be sharing soon---I am soooo inspired!  She talked about using post it notes for the spaces in my interactive writing---what a great visual for my kinders!  We were using finger space, but after each word that "finger space" disappears so it can show up for the next word.  Thanks for all the great ideas.  
Today, I am going to listen to her speak about fluency activities.  I might be switching some of my other workshops so I can listen to her in the afternoon--not sure--maybe I should broaden my horizons! 
The keynote speaker this morning is Katie Wood Ray, she will be speaking about the "importance of making stuff in primary workshops".  Today should be a great day!  
Coffee cup is full and I am ready to great the day...

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