Friday, May 27


Last night I found out that there is a list of the 50 most fascinating blogs written by kindergarten teachers and I am on it!  Yea!!  I am honored and so excited that my blog is inspiring others!
I guess it shows when you love what you do.  There are a lot of my blogging friends on here and new ones that I will be following---so---go check it out.  If you scroll over the name it will take you to their blog--how easy is that?  SUPER EASY!


Thursday, May 26

TIME CAPSULE continued...

The time capsules were a big hit!  My kinders loved them and "pinky promised" not to open them until High School graduation.  I hope they wait--it will be a wonderful trip back in time.
In an earlier post I showed pics of some things the kinders put in the jar.  I was sneaky and I put in a class lists, a special poem, and a letter to each one of them telling them what they meant to me this year.  I lightly sprayed the outside to give a little mystery and attached the label with a reminder note on the back.
We had soooo much fun!

Tuesday, May 17


Okay, so it took a little longer for me to get back--darn assessments--
I am trying to "can" my time capsules so I can see if I can get them to seal, but enough of that...
We began assembling the time capsules on Monday so I have pictures!

We wrote about our favorite things to do at school.

We measured our height and put in a string the same length.

The popular toy of the year.

Pictures of my little monkey.

This will go on the outside along with a note not to open until graduation from high school.

A picture of what they want to be when they grow up.

We begin filling our jars.

I have a few more items to share tomorrow.
Shh, don't tell my kinders.--it's a surprise.

Sunday, May 15


Oh my gosh...
Where did the time go?  The testing is complete--I think--and we are in the final stretch and trying to get everything accomplished and completed and we only have 5 days left!
So I will be posting the pictures and the (last minute) idea that I had and wanted to do with my class.
We are putting together a time capsule of their kindergarten year that will not be opened again until they graduate from high school.  We began last week and I can't wait to show you some of the things that are going inside...
check back tomorrow!

Thursday, May 5

Kindergarten Humor of the Day

We are almost First graders and we need to know how to tie our shoes, soooo....
I do not tie shoes anymore, I let my "experts" do it.  One of my little girls learned how to tie her shoes over the weekend and came to school and we celebrated with some cheers!  Mr. E wanted to know how she did it, so she showed him and practiced with him.

Well, I was taking them out to recess today and I told Mr. E that he needed to find someone to tie his shoes before he tripped and fell down.  He told me that he knew how because Ms. K showed him ---well he tied his shoes and we celebrated with a high five and he told me,
"Ya, my mom was so excited she baked a cake!"

Wednesday, May 4


I want to let everyone of you know I appreciate what you do and you make a difference. 

 I LOVE my job and the opportunity I have everyday to make a difference.  I have placed a sale on my TpT store today through Friday night.  I don't have very much in my store--but everything is 20% off to help me say thank-you!

Also, Teachers pay Teachers is offering an additional 20% off tonight until 12pm when you enter the code below....

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Use PROMO CODE TAD11 when you checkout.

I would have posted sooner and offered the sale earlier, but I didn't do a very good job of checking emails while I was at the conference.  I am trying to make up for that by extending my sale until Friday.


We went shopping after the conference yesterday.  My friend suggested Garden Ridge and I had my doubts...but we found a lot of books for $1.99 - $4.99---HARDCOVER!

Then we went to Kohl's and found these books and stuffed animals...

Great shopping day!

Tuesday, May 3


I had a great day at the conference today!  I had validation on what I do in my room (which feels wonderful), revisited some oldie but goodie ideas, and learned some new things along the way!  The presenter of today's conference was Mary Peterson and she has a blog that you might want to check out...

She discussed using differentiated math instruction to meet the needs of all her students.  This is accomplished through whole group lessons, small group instruction, and  learning station activities.  This is what I use in my classroom--high five!  She uses more choice time with her stations and the students choose where they will work.  Choice is used as a motivator and is taken away if not used properly.  I have managed my work stations in the past that way and then moved way from it and moved to a rotation of stations.  I have been mulling it over today and I think I might go back to this next year after my stations are established.  In the past I have used a check off sheet and the kinders had limitations on how often they could attend a station and how many students could be at a station at a time.  This approach seemed to make my kinders more independent learners during station time. 
What do you do during math time and how long is your math block?

Monday, May 2


I am in a hotel with my bestie Mrs. Knight and we are getting ready to turn in for the night and get some zzzz.  We are excited about the math conference we are attending tomorrow.  We will be getting "differentiated math ideas that we can use immediately in our room".  Yea!  I love the math stations and the work I do with small groups, BUT I LOVE to get new ideas!  Keep it fresh and exciting!