Thursday, June 30


I am trying to get caught up with the Math Stations book blog and add some freebies along the way.  I was absolutely amazed at all the freebies and wonderful ideas at everyone's blogs, but a special thank you goes out to
 Fran at 
Kindergarten Crayons
for hosting Chapter 4!

All I can say is WOW.  I will try to highlight some of  my thoughts as I go through and post what I have to offer...
The first thing that I will offer is my "dot" cards that I created.  We are using a sports theme throughout our building so I wanted to incorporate this theme with my new dot cards, so here they are!   My kinders love to hole the number cards, count them, and put them in order.  These could also be used as a quick review in the morning with our calendar activities.
click on the dot cards to download my freebie to you

These are not the math talk cards that I will create with my class, but a  set for our calendar area.  I saw a post earlier (sorry I can't remember right now who) that had a math wall and a number corner.  I LOVE that idea and I will be transforming my calendar wall into something like this!  My kinders loved going to the calendar wall last yera during stations and I know that would love the math wall.  Please leave a comment and share what you do with your math area in your room.  
click on the vocab cards to download my freebie to you

Keep checking back to get my freebies.

Friday, June 24


Guess what??  I won!
So, now what I want to  know is what can I do with it?  Please leave me a comment and tell me about a wonderful app that I will just have to have!  Oh, I am soooo excited!

Wednesday, June 22


I apparently cannot figure out the random generator! I was able to get a number generated but I could not get it to show up on my blog. I tried in the side bar and within the blog, and because of that I have now messed up my tool bar above where I write my blog. I cannot see the font setting icon, the font size icon, or the text positioning icons! :0( please leave a comment if you know how to fix it.


I follow your blog!

Kari :)

thank-you! Kari please send me an email and let me know if you want me to send it to this email address or a different email address. My email is

Monday, June 20


Whew!  It is hot outside but but what a wonderful surprise--my wonderful blogger friends put me over 100!  Do your "homework" and get 2 entries to the contest!

1.  Follow my blog 
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Don't forget to leave me a comment and let me know that your are a follower.
The prize....
My 3 Friend math station games:
Friends 1-10, Friends 11-20, and Friends 21-30 (total of 21 pages 126 cards)

I wish I had more to give, you guys are wonderful!
Almost forgot, the deadline to enter is Wednesday, June 22 at 12:00pm CST.


One more follower needed and I will post my contest rules...
(going to work outside, so I'll check in a little while)


I am almost to 100 followers and I would like to celebrate with a 
Once I reach 100 followers I will give you the details, I promise it will be super 

Saturday, June 18


I have added two more math games to my TpT store and they compliment my Friends math game and can be used in the same math station for differentiated activities and each of the math games have 7 pages or 42 cards per game.  The Friends math games are played with 2 players and the player names the number on the card and the person with the highest (or lowest) however you want to do it, wins the hand.  There is a special card and when that card is drawn the players need to switch hands.  The game is over when the cards are gone and the player with the most friends wins!  Gotta love that--don't we all need the most friends?
This was the first time I posted a pic like this...I'll have to keep playing around with it until I get it like I want it!

I'll be posting about my Buddies game soon.

Friday, June 17


I can't believe it is summer and I am getting swamped!  I was doing really good the week after school--the house was clean, I was reading--just for fun--, laundry was washed, dried, and folded and I knew what I was fixing for dinner.  I was even able to throw in a couple days swimming.
I know what happened--reality set in and I remembered that I had work to do if I wanted any chance in winning an ipad2 or a kindle from our school technology department!  Yes, I said ipad--that's what brought me back to reality!  Our technology department set up mini tech classes with group assignments and individual assignments and points were assigned for everything completed.  One point for attending, one point for the group assignment, and one point for individual assignment...and the requirement for your name to be put in the drawing was 38 points...and I needed to do homework!  Well, I am proud to say that I attended my last tech classes on Wednesday and I finally finished all the assignments today--breathe!  Now I hope I win, but even if I don't I gained a lot of knowledge---but I do want that ipad because I already have a kindle.  For the last couple of days I have been thinking of all the wonderful things I could do with it.  I will know by next Friday if I won...cross your fingers with me---PLEASE!
Does anyone out there have an ipad?  What do you think of it?

Monday, June 13

Open office


Is anyone out there using open office??  I love that I am able to move my clip art around easily but I can't figure out how to change my page styles...
For first page might be a portrait style and the next page or two might be landscape..I can't get the next page to go back to portrait WITHOUT changing EVERYTHING!!

can anyone save my sanity??
P.S.  I only have the trial version of word on this new laptop...really didn't want to buy it because we are switching to open office at school next year...

Where is my CHOCOLATE???

Friday, June 10

Math Work Stations Bog Party--Chapter 3

This chapter was about getting started with work stations...

1.  Model, Model, Model...
          We meet together and talk about our "jobs" during our math stations.  I have modeled the activities as small group and in whole group before I make it a station.  We also talk about what is expected during station time and we review the I can charts A LOT in the beginning. Later in the year I remind them to 'do the right thing'.   I like to do the I Can charts with my kinders but I think I might have some standby forms to grab--same with the math talk cards.  I would like to include our school theme for next year--team sports.  I'll post when they are finished.

2.  Go Slow...
          During the first few weeks of school I like the kinders to get used to the routines of our day and they explore during our stations.  They explore the manipulatives and talk about some things in the math area and what to do with them.  I want my kinders to fully understand what is expected before I release them to stations.  In the beginning of the year I put signs on my stations--opening soon-- and open one at a time when I feel they are ready.

3.  Make Time...
          I keep my schedule as predictable as possible so my kinders know what is coming every day and when.  This helps with behavior issues.  I post our daily schedule on a skinny pocket chart and turn over the icons when we have completed each task.  I start our morning with movement activities, the calendar wall, morning message, math mini-lessons, math journals,  first math station, share time, second math station, and final share time.  The students love the sharing time and really talk to each other about what was happening. 

Sharing with each other after stations--we share together or with a buddy.

This picture is taken later in the year; they are completing an entry in their math journal before stations.

4.  Management Board...
          I use Debbie's management board from Really Good Stuff now, but before I had it I just used a regular pocket chart with icons that I made myself and pics of the students--this helps with kinder independence.  I still use the students pics to show who is in a group together.  I have them work in pairs and I group by ability level; otherwise I have noticed that the more advance student is taking over.  The change I will make this year is to provide different levels of abilities in each station.  I also have math mats that the students use at their work stations.  It is the size of a large piece of construction paper (18 x 11 maybe).  These mats have numbers from 0-100, their name,  shapes, etc.  If I find a pic I'll post, if not, I'll post in August/September.

5.  Math Area
          I did not like the tubs I used last year because they were too flimsy and also these pics are from time I had 5 groups of 4 students--it was very noisy and harder to manage so I went back to 10 groups of 2.  I used the letters in the word MAGIC to label my tubs and then moved to numbers 1-10.  I want to change my tubs to match with the core standards and picture icons similar to my literacy station.

Make sure you blog over to 
Learning With Mrs. Parker
and take a look at everyone else's blog to get the ideas flowing...

Friday, June 3

Math Work Stations Book Study Blog Party

Chapters 1 and 2 

click on link to view book

I tried to fix my post because it was behaving badly...and part of it was deleted. 
I talked about how I had extra days to make up at the end of the year because of snow days the teachers needed to make up and I PURGED my ENTIRE CLASSROOM!  I began reading this book during the year and started organizing my math items during a surprise spring snow day.  So I am very excited that we are having this book study and I can borrow ideas from all my blogger friends--isn't that what we are here for anyway??  I probably said other things, but I don't remember...I do remember that I wasn't able to walk into my closet--literally--and now I have some empty shelves!  The first couple of things were hard to part with but then I realized that if I haven't used it in 1-2 years, I probably don't need it!

I was able to save the questions and answers... 

1.   How do you (or will you) differentiate your math stations?
I think I do a fairly good job of differentiating my math instruction because I do a mini lessons, calendar wall activities, I observe students working during math stations, and I meet with small groups of varying levels of needs, BUT my math station differentiation needs a little work. My math work stations are set up with one (maybe two) activities in each tub--I know I can do better, so I will be working on this during the summer and I will be checking our other blogs to get their ideas!  Isn't that what we are all here for???

2.  How and where do you keep your math stations?
Earlier in the year I would have to say that I kept some math items all over the room, but since I began reading this book I moved my math items to one location--a blue shelf in my room. ( I had a post about it in the spring--because we had a surprise snow day and I went to school and organized a little).  I know it will be even easier organizing ALL my math items because of taking the extra time to PURGE after school.  We pack up our rooms at the end of the year so I wasn't able to see what it would look like on the shelf--I know it will be amazing though!!   I would like to differentiate my math tubs like my reading levels, so I decided since my leveled reading books are labeled A, B, C, D, etc. and my students are able to independently find a book that is just right for them it would make sense for me to label the different math activities in a particular tub with numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on.  My kinders do not do this all on their own--I give them a helpful card for reading levels with two letters--one that is just right and one that is a bit of a challenge.  So, with that background knowlege I think they would be able to do something similar in math--but with only one number.

3.  How do you keep your math materials organized?
 My math stations and my literacy stations are presented in basically the same way--I call them work stations (like Debbie) so my kinders know that they should be working and not playing and goofing off!  I have both jobs listed on a chart so they know where they will be going each day (fosters independence).  I use the literacy card system (from Debbie) and it has the wonderful pictures but I didn't have that with my math stations so I "borrowed" the catchy name from a fellow teacher--Magic Math stations but that only lent itself to 5 tubs labeled M-A-G-I-C and my groups had 4 students each and this proved to be a little much for my kinders.  So, I moved them back to pairs (like I used in literacy stations) and numbered my tubs1-10.  I am not sure if I will use them same numbering (I am waiting to be inspired with something).  I keep all my printable files and documents in binders, organized by monthly themes.  Each paper is in a sheet protector and does not have to be taken out to make copies.  I love the portability of the binder (since we have to empty our file cabinet at the end of the year).  I have some files on the computer and I would love to have everything organized on moodle and keep the binders as a back-up only (in case computers are not working correctly).

Now your turn...go to Mrs. Wills' page and join the fun!  Don't forget to list your link so we can check it out!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten