Sunday, July 31


TpT sale--TpT is offering a 10% discount on products August 1-6 and I am new to the sales on TpT so I tried to have a sale for the sale time, but sadly I cannot... I sent the email out and I have a correction--my sale of a 20% discount will begin August and last for 4 days (that is the longest amount of time I have my sale) so hurry.  When you check out, use the code B1T1S to get the 10% discount from TpT.

Thursday, July 28

Out of the loop...

Sorry that I have been MIA... My pool was a MESS and I wanted to get it clear enough to swim. Mission accomplished! I have spent a few days making up for lost time. Now I feel like it has been utilized this year. Yesterday Lucy Lou was spayed and I have been "babying" her a little--she looks so pathetic. She looks a little better today than last night. She managed to get up on the bed this morning--not moving much--so I'll wait to make the bed. I wanted to post a picture, but I am using my iPad and I can't figure it out. I thought I would try it out and see could post from it. Please help me out and give me some tips for using it and any great apps for the classroom. Did I mention that I was lucky enough to win this from the technology dept at my school last month?

Monday, July 18


This contest will end hurry...
Christie from teaching in Flip Flops is giving away a scentsy warmer and a bar of your favorite scent!  go to her site and get the details!

Click on her button to get there!

Saturday, July 16


I had to join the party and tell you about my recent target finds...

This is my basket full of goodies...

instant awards for my kinders...

an information journal (for me), markers, pens, a magnetic list...

star pointers, card sorts, and ice cream pieces (not sure what I will do with these)

dry erase boards for a writing station

I bought a bucket for filling--I want to read that book!  Sorting cards and note pads

alphabet stickers for a chicka chicka activity, name tags for open house, and stars for the hallway

I want to go back and see if I can find some of the wonderful things that others found, like the table pocket charts!  I also found wonderful things at Wal-mart, Hobby Lobby, and Dollar Tree--I will post that later!

Join in the fun with the linky below!


I have signed up for a shop on the Teacher's notebook!  Please stop by and visit...

Do you have a shop?  Wanna create one?  Click on the link to the left!


Thursday, July 14


Here is the new blog!  I have it the way I want it (almost).  The only part I am not really excited about is below this says "read comments".  It doesn't really look like it fits to me, but maybe I just need to get used to it.  I added some color to spark it up--not too much though!  Let me know what you think!

Okay just read the preview, and I am not excited about the label being at the top!  I will definitely need to fix that.


new template

Okay how about this template?  The other template (with the clothesline) did not seem to fit me.  I'll see how this one works.  I am wishing there was more color...maybe I could spruce up the sidebars!

What is going on???

My blog might look a little different this week--I am feeling like a change!  I am not sure what I want so I am playing around with differnt layouts to see which one fits me.  Feel free to give your suggestions and let me know what you think looks good.  

Wednesday, July 13

Windows Live Writer

Okay, I am testing this out to see what it will look like.  Does anyone use this?  I guess I will just need to research and see if it is something that will be easier for me to use?  If you have tips or opinions about this program—please let me know!

Sunday, July 3


Karen is having a giveaway and it is SUPER easy!
The prizes are:
* a customized apple teacher bag- canvas tote bag with your name on it
* gift cards to two of my MOST favorite places (Target and Sonic- route 44 drinks baby) in the amount of $10 each

This is what you need to do...
1. follow her blog and post in the comments that you are a follower
2. post about this give away on your blog and post in the comments that you blogged about the give away

3. go over to her TpT store and follow her there, then post telling her that you follow her there too