Sunday, August 21


We are officially in the swing of it!  My new kinders began their kindergarten adventure on Wednesday and we had a lot of fun!  It has been a little crazy and I will be back to posting on a regular basis, so PLEASE be patient with me!  Is everyone back at school yet?  My son will begin 5th grade tomorrow and he is super excited because he will get a locker to himself--the simply joys in life, gotta LOVE that!

Monday, August 15


This is what my tree looks like--I absolutely LOVE it!  ---and it was sooo easy to make.  

Thank-you Deanna Jump!  And you can have your very own, just collect the supplies and a glue gun and you are ready to get started.  I started collecting big cardboard rolls last year ( I had 4) and after I saw her directions I saw that I only needed one, so Devin will be getting a tree in his "safari" room.   I am thinking that I might add another one to my classroom. 
Next, get a big umbrella and "skin" it.  (I was glad that my husband didn't listen to me last year and throw away the old nasty picnic umbrella.) 

I found it--still outside-- and released the yucky fabric and wiped it off.  PERFECT!!  
I had to find a base so we went to Lowes on Sunday (before Six Flags) and bought a pre-cut flat board for $9.00.  He attached the flat board to 2x2 (about a foot and 1/2) with a screw and then we slid the cardboard roll over the top of it and it became my tree trunk!  I took it apart and then reassembled it at school Monday.

Schnucks donated 25 paper grocery sacks--these were turned inside out and slid down the pole.  I  scrunched them a little to give the look of a coconut tree.

The umbrella was placed on the top.  I made my leaves out of two twin flat sheets.  I was able to get four leaves out of each sheet.  I made my leaves five or so inches longer so they would hang over.  I hot glued the crease of the leaf to the frame to keep it in place.  
Devin told me that he thinks it needs a few coconuts!  We'll just have to see about that...
So, who's gonna make one??

Saturday, August 6

You know you're a Kindergarten Teacher when...

You know you are a Kindergarten Teacher when...
you are sitting at home getting ready to make a palm tree for your classroom!  What?? On a Saturday night?
YES!!  and I am even home alone, maybe I should check to see if I have a fever...
I do have a fever!  The "I can't believe it's August and I gotta get my stuff together" fever! 
 I LOVE the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom books and I have made a hallway Bulletin Board palm tree for the last couple of years and I miss is so terribly bad that I wanted to have one in my classroom year round.
I was not exactly sure how I was going to do this but I had an image in my mind and I started collecting items:
--a neighbor teacher had some very tall cardboard rolls that she was purging from her room--so I took them!.  
--I found bamboo placemats from Target that I bought to make the "tree trunk"
--and I was still thinking of how I was going to make this all work when I happened to walk into a fellow teacher's room, Mrs. Wills, and she had similar items sitting on the carpet in her room and I asked what she was going to do with it.  Imagine my surprise when she said she was going to make a palm tree, REALLY??
So, I asked how she was going to do it, and she told me about Deanna's palm tree and the instructions on her blog...REALLY??  Well let me tell you, the tree is absolutely ADORABLE!! Problem solved--I will follow those directions and make my classroom palm tree!
So, here I am getting ready to create!  
I just "skinned" my old picnic table umbrella and I am getting ready to cut my leaves!  I was not sure where I would find material so I bought a twin flat sheet from Wal-Mart for $5.00.  I think I will probably need to get another one.  I am not sure if I have the items for the base for my tree trunk, so I will have the hubby check the garage when he gets home--we might need to make a Lowes run tomorrow before Six Flags.  That is why I am working on this tree tonight--tomorrow will be VERY busy and Open House is Monday!  I will post pics when I am finished...but click on Deanna Jump's blog to see her pics and get her directions!

The Inspired Apple