Monday, October 24

Halloween FREEBIE For You

Here is another freebie...this one is for your math station.  We have been playing this game during small group time and my kinders can't wait for it to show up in math stations.  Tomorrow is their lucky day!  Today you get it for free, just download.  Please leave me a kind comment and let me know what you think!
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 23

Happy Halloween freebie for you!

I am so glad that I can lean on my blogger friends just like my friends that I see in person!  I think you guys are awesome and here is a little something from me to you!

Go Batty!
This is a game that your students can play as a matching game or as a "go fish" type game.  Students will ask their buddy if they have a certain letter or sound and their buddy gives them a card, or tells them to "go batty"!  My kinders love to play this game!  They have so much fun and the room is filled with letter sounds and laughter--makes me smile.  I hope your kiddos enjoy it just as much.  Print 2 copies on card stock, laminate and you are ready to have a blast!  Click on the image to download the games.
Leave me a comment and let me know what you think...I LOVE kind comments!
More freebies to come your way this week!
Happy Halloween to you!

Sunday, October 16


Well, this has been a very difficult week to say the least.  Many emotions to sort through and overcome.  We will bounce back, but it will take some time and a lot of prayers.  My brother-in-law and a close family friend were involved in a work related accident Monday.  My brother-in-law is physically in good shape, but our friend passed away.  He was a wonderful man and touched so many lives.  The visitation was today and the amount of lives he touched was evident today with the outpouring of support and the amount of people offering their condolences.  The inside of the funeral home was bursting at the seams and people were wrapped around the block waiting to offer their sympathies.  It has been an emotional roller coaster because we are deeply saddened at the loss of a friend and grateful that my brother-in-law doesn't have any long term effects.  My sister says that her life will forever be changed and she has a new understanding for the  phrase 'don't sweat the small stuff".  Monday was their anniversary and someone stated that it was terrible that this happened on their anniversary.  It was terrible, but she will look at the positive and be thankful that he is with her--that is the best gift she could have ever received.  Our family and our friend's family will need a lot of prayers to give them the strength to get through this.  It is so difficult, no one is sure of what to say--what can you say?--so I will offer prayers to those left behind.  Danny, you were a wonderful person and will be greatly missed.

Sunday, October 9


I know I am probably behind the times, but THIS is my new favorite obsession!  
Have you had this wonderful concoction of coffee, chocolate, and whip cream??  
No?  Well, go get one!
I received my first one as a sample--It was made "by mistake" and I was the lucky recipient!
Lucky me--except--now I ALWAYS want one!
Is it wrong if my eleven year old son loves them too?  He has only had one
--- ok, ok, ok ---
to be honest, I let him have another one this week after his doctor appointment.  I figured that it can't be much worse than a soda (Mt. Dew).  
I caved because we just found out that he might need another surgery...
and we got Krispie Kreme donuts--don't judge--
He was scared and I was a little nervous 
we enjoyed our treats and we decided we wouldn't worry about it until after his CT at the end of the month.  He doesn't have anything life threatening--but it is still scary (for all of us) and nerve racking.   
Some background knowledge...
He was born with a minimal cleft and a shortened palette, and one of his ears is a little smaller than the other one.  Long story--short, he has had numerous ear tube surgeries and 3 major surgeries on the inside of his mouth on his palette.  If this surgery is needed, it would be a bone reconstruction inside his ear.  We are praying that the ct scan shows that it is not needed (unless it will restore hearing).
So, if you are a praying person, would you include Devin in your prayers?  
I don't know much about the details of what the surgery because we are waiting to see the ct scan.  I will find out more at the end of the month if we find out that the surgery will be needed.
Enough of that--let's get back to obsessions...
What is your new found obsession (maybe we will need to splurge again)!
Mine is the Mocha Frappe and always popular Krispie Kreme glazed donut!
Happy Sunday to all of you!