Tuesday, December 13

Log Me In

I have a confession to make....
I know enough about technology to get me into trouble, but I am willing to learn!  
Last night my Mom told me about a wonderful program (she is even worse than me) so she says...
But, I thought I would give it a try! It is called--
log me in
and can be found at
It is the most wonderful site E-VER!
It is super simple---
and the version I am using is FREE!!
I loaded it to my computer and my laptop and now when I am at home I can access my school computer 
all my files!  My sanity is returning!!
Now I CAN be in 2 places at once--who knew??
So, my question to you is....
Did you already know about this?
Do you use it?
Do you have the pro version?
Ok, that's 3 questions but I really do want to know!

Saturday, December 10

Tally Marks and Charts...

Sorry, I have been slacking a little on the blog--but we have been having a wonderful time in the classroom!  I wanted to share one of my kinders favorite math stations with you.  I don't have pics of them in the station, but I will next week so you can see them in action! 
Their favorite math station is...
I guess it's because they can walk around the room and they get to talk to their friends!  
If you would like to have a copy of our survey...click

I am including a copy of the easier type I use in the beginning of the year and a copy of what I am using now.  There is only a small difference because I gradually add to the surveys based on what we have learned in math.  I changed the topic for December so you can use whatever will fit your class.
I hope you enjoy!
Please leave me a comment and tell me what your kiddos are loving to do in stations--
math, literacy, science, social or whatever stations that you do!

By the way...can you believe it's almost Christmas???  AAHhhhh!! not ready yet!