Tuesday, January 31

Jeepers Creepers!

I was finally able to upload my new Sub Planner for Jeepers Creepers.  

I almost couldn't stop myself from adding activities to this lesson--it was so much fun!  So, I added a freebie for you to have.  You can use it with this lesson or as as a small group activity or a literacy station--whatever you want!  

We didn't wait for a sub--
I did it with my kinders to test it out.  Here are some pictures of their monsters...
Sorry the pictures aren't very good--I forgot my camera and had to take some with my phone.  I will
to remember to take better pictures tomorrow.



  1. I love your sub-packets...I've purchased both. Will you be creating and selling more of these wonderful little time savers? If so, I will be the first in line to download any new sub materials that you place in your TPT Store:)

  2. You are making my HEART swell! Yes I am making more...I was in a winter mood so I just uploaded Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice and I am currently working on Scaredy Squirrel--then I promised someone special that I would do one from Eric Carle. Do you have any suggestions?? I LOVE feedback!

  3. Like my kinders say... "c'mere I got a secret"--
    You don't have to save for a sub--they are so much fun, you can do the projects your class!

    Barb Gaither