Sunday, February 5

I got a match!

While I was cutting out some extra monster cards for my class, my niece decided she wanted to play 
one of the games.  I thought she might so I printed off  alphabet monster cards.  She started lining them up and told me she was going to play "memory"--great idea!  She showed me something that I hadn't even thought of...

...matching the monsters.  
She is in preschool and can identify and match some capital and lowercase letters, so she began matching  the monsters together.
And then...

...she found a letter in her name!  Awesome--love that smile!

Look at all those matches on the floor!  And the best part---
she was playing a game on the DS and put it down to play my monster game
without me asking!  Love it!!

In honor of Michaela you can download my monster ABC game here.


  1. She is adorable and so is this game!
    Thank you for sharing it! I can use it both with my kiddos at school and here with my little one!

    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners