Tuesday, February 28

Sale at TpT

Tomorrow is Leap Year and there is a sale going on...
and I can't figure out how to make this wonderful picture enlarge and still be legible...
So what do I do?
I guess I will just need to tell you about it

TpT is having a sale and is offering 10% off when you enter the code L2P9Y
and I am having a sale at my store and offering 20% off.
That is a total of 30% off tomorrow!

...so does anyone know how to make that picture work for me?  I would like to make more occasionally...
I created it in Oo Draw, saved to a PDF, uploaded to Docs, saved as an picture, and uploaded to here.
Seems like too much work!


  1. Hey Barb! I think if you take a screenshot of the picture after you design it, that might make it a bit larger and will be a little easier to see it--I think!

  2. I will try that! Thanks so much!