Saturday, April 14

My class blog

I thought I would share my class blog with you today....

One thing that you might like to check out is student books that I published on 

Have you used this site before?  It was wonderful after I figured out how to get the student books ready and create published books for my students.  My goal is to put a book in the hand of every student in my class, I am hoping parents and grandparents purchase their own child's book, then I will fill in the blanks for the ones who didn't receive one.  The cost for the books vary depending on the length, but it seems the books I have created cost about $7.50 for my purchase and about $9.00 to sell to parents--the difference is publishing costs.  

When my kinders share their 'real' book, the look on their face is priceless and brings tears to my eyes!
That's why we do what we do!