Thursday, April 12

Our Alphabet Adventure

We have been having so much fun traveling through the alphabet...
on Monday we began our adventure by taking an animal cracker and writing a story about their animal.  I will update this post after I take pics--forgot my camera--and they did such a wonderful job!
Here is a freebie for you...

Body senses and what we can explore with these five senses was the topic for Bb day.  Students wrote about their experiences while visiting the zoo.  Some students were able to pull from real experiences and others used their imagination.  One student wrote about hearing a lion roar and another wrote about the smells from the penguin habitat!  Awesome.  I will try to update with pics when I get back to school.


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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I ordered the visors through Come on by in a couple of days, I'll have some zoo printables soon :)
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