Wednesday, May 2

I AM DROWNING... paperwork!

Hurry, throw me a chain of paperclips so I can get organized.  
Well, I have a stack of books that I am scanning so I can publish more of my student's books through Lulu.  

I love this site---

it does take some time, but the look on my kinder's faces when they hold their 'real' book is priceless!  So, I push on and


Also, this week is our 'testing window' and I am giving it my best to get everyone tested THIS WEEK! 
 Most  All is completed individually with the exception of the writing prompt...unless...

--someone is absent--

which there ALWAYS is!  

I'm not complaining--just wishing I had more time.  
I am thankful because I will get some of that time next week when I am grading writing prompts or compiling all of my data because my district gives teachers a half day to work on DRAs and a sub fills in in our room. 
                   All I can say is 


But there is a reason for this post, while I was scanning books I found Katie's news report last month when Kaleb had his birthday...

Kaleb had a birthday and he is six now.  He got a pencil from the office.

And that is the reason for pushing on...
Happy testing everyone!