Wednesday, May 2

I AM DROWNING... paperwork!

Hurry, throw me a chain of paperclips so I can get organized.  
Well, I have a stack of books that I am scanning so I can publish more of my student's books through Lulu.  

I love this site---

it does take some time, but the look on my kinder's faces when they hold their 'real' book is priceless!  So, I push on and


Also, this week is our 'testing window' and I am giving it my best to get everyone tested THIS WEEK! 
 Most  All is completed individually with the exception of the writing prompt...unless...

--someone is absent--

which there ALWAYS is!  

I'm not complaining--just wishing I had more time.  
I am thankful because I will get some of that time next week when I am grading writing prompts or compiling all of my data because my district gives teachers a half day to work on DRAs and a sub fills in in our room. 
                   All I can say is 


But there is a reason for this post, while I was scanning books I found Katie's news report last month when Kaleb had his birthday...

Kaleb had a birthday and he is six now.  He got a pencil from the office.

And that is the reason for pushing on...
Happy testing everyone!


  1. Right there with you...testing,testing,testing! We also had an open house last night for incoming kindergartners. =) I love Miss Katie's writing! I had one of my own have a writing "win" today...I actually had to wipe away a tear due to being so proud of him! Hang in there!


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    1. Day 2 of writing prompts went pretty good. Now moving onto DRAs....
      Good luck with your testing.

  2. Love this Barb! So fun! Katie makes me smile!

  3. This has to be one of the cutest Blogs I have seen!!!!!