Friday, June 1


Greetings from my home in Oklahoma...

I thought I would share a few pictures with you from Oklahoma!  
We had some fun earlier in the week and went horseback riding--here is a pic of Devin.

We also had a great time jugging.   

 Me pulling in jugs after the gaffing hook broke---HORRIBLE pic of  me! 
I will be walking EVERYDAY!

Here is a few pics of Devin getting some fish off the jugs. 

And the hubby throwing for shad...

Devin also learned how to clean them by himself--I am super excited about that!

Devin's (green vest) cousin Ben (blue) joined him on Thursday to help jug.  Devin is using the gaffing hook before it broke :0(

 I am VERY glad that we pulled them last night because it is VERY cold today!  
We went to some garage sales and I have a new picture for my room--also went to Walmart and found giraffe print for my chair at school---I am so excited about that!

Here are a few other pictures from the river...

I hope you are enjoying some time off--next week I will be purging and painting at my house in Missouri--have to be honest, I am kinda looking forward to this.  It hasn't been all fishing this week, I have created a few projects that I found on my Pinterest.  I am very happy about that!  I created a couple of the canvas portraits from pictures and the sugar scrub.  
--It is great for getting the fishy smell off my hands!--
Now, I am working on a monkey towel for my niece's baby.  

Talk to you later!

Has your school year ended?  What will you be doing your first week off?