Friday, July 13

Shopping time

My BFF called me up the other day so we could make a date to hang out for the day...we had a blast!  We had some lunch at Applebees, Devin got a new style for the upcoming wedding and we went SHOPPING!  Lunch was great, Devin looks handsome, and I scored on some cool school finds!

  Group photo of Target finds...LOVE the dollar spot!

alphabet and number puzzles for station work.

Game on clearance for $5.44!  And it is in it's own plastic case--yea!

Erasers for counters, small magnetic erasers for station work--love it, spam container for -am words, and awesome die cuts!

And from Dollar Store...
book bins, 

 headers for their work,

 window clings to spruce things up in my room,

and our weather window,

and paper for my welcome letters!

I am off now to pick up my items from Kohls, can you believe that they let me hold my purchases for one day so I could take advantage of my coupon I forgot at home and the Kohl's cash rewards that start TODAY!  Can you say AWESOME???

Have you found anything wonderful yet?

Almost forgot---Devin's new style

Doesn't he look adorable??

Laters Baby!


  1. You found a lot of great stuff! The hair looks great, as well!

  2. I'm starting to shop this time of year! Devin's hair looks great ;-)


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  3. I have just found so many goodies at Target too! Love the dollar bins! I am so glad that I found your blog. I am looking forward to following you. You have a great zoo theme! It is adorable!! I hope you stop by my blog sometime!