Wednesday, February 29


Thank you so much Kristen!  I wasn't sure how to do the screen shot so I searched on the computer to find out how to do a screen shot and it was suggested that I use the snippet tool.
 Worked perfectly--thank you!

Tuesday, February 28

Llama Llama Red Pajama

Welcome to my new page specifically designed to spotlight my emergency lesson plans.  These are plans that are ready for a sub--complete with instructions (you will need to include the book, your schedule, and lunch/bus routines).  No need to wait for a sub--it is something that you would find fun to do with your kiddos.  The activities can also be incorporated into math and literacy stations for independent practice.  This was my first one to create!  It comes with two literacy activities, two math activities, and group activities complete with printable cards.  You may purchase it at my TpT store.  Click on the picture to be linked to my store.

Sale at TpT

Tomorrow is Leap Year and there is a sale going on...
and I can't figure out how to make this wonderful picture enlarge and still be legible...
So what do I do?
I guess I will just need to tell you about it

TpT is having a sale and is offering 10% off when you enter the code L2P9Y
and I am having a sale at my store and offering 20% off.
That is a total of 30% off tomorrow! does anyone know how to make that picture work for me?  I would like to make more occasionally...
I created it in Oo Draw, saved to a PDF, uploaded to Docs, saved as an picture, and uploaded to here.
Seems like too much work!

Monday, February 27

New Design...

I am getting a new look to my blog, please be patient with me until I figure out what I am doing!

Sunday, February 26

I am so confused and a lot of other important things!

Ok, I think I might be a little confused about what season I am in...
We had a snow day a week and a half ago and I began my Penguin sub lessons...

I finally finished my penguin lesson yesterday and today it is in the mid sixties!
So,  I painted my toenails--

ready for that wonderful Spring weather (even shaved my legs--it was time!)
I am so confused!  Our winter weather has been VERY mild this year--can't even believe we managed to pull off 2 snow days!  Maybe it's because my niece showed me her 'snow cheer' and I taught my class 

...and then my class taught the Pre-K class and the other four Kinder classes!  
Well, we are READY for Spring!

Other important news...

I received this award...
from --

and I wasn't sure about it, so I had to do some research...
It is an award to share the love with bloggers who have less than 200 followers
there are just a few rules--5 to be exact.

1.  Thank the person who gave you the award.
2.  Link back to that person's blog.
3.  Copy and paste the Liebster Award.
4.  Pick 5 blogs who you feel need to be noticed and have under 200 followers.
5.  Finally--blog about it and leave a comment on their blog to let them know about it.

Here are my 5 blogs ...

These blogs are awesome--go check 'em out!


Tuesday, February 14

Snow Day!

We had our first snow day yesterday and we have another one today.  
I was  hoping to spend a whole day working on some creations, but I spend yesterday getting my computer back up and running again.  This is the second time in less than a year that I have had to reset it to factory settings.  Not so bad the first time, because it was only a few weeks old and I didn't have much on it.  This time, not so happy because I had like a 
things on it that I had to reinstall and reload a ton of things!  Couldn't find everything...
so I am hoping it is on my school computer--fingers crossed!
Hopefully I will be able to do more creating on day two.  
Chrissy, from...
had asked if I had a blank survey template, and I did not.
I created a template today and here it is------
I am off to create more because I can see the snow is melting...
off to school tomorrow and Valentine parties!


Sunday, February 5

I got a match!

While I was cutting out some extra monster cards for my class, my niece decided she wanted to play 
one of the games.  I thought she might so I printed off  alphabet monster cards.  She started lining them up and told me she was going to play "memory"--great idea!  She showed me something that I hadn't even thought of...

...matching the monsters.  
She is in preschool and can identify and match some capital and lowercase letters, so she began matching  the monsters together.
And then...

...she found a letter in her name!  Awesome--love that smile!

Look at all those matches on the floor!  And the best part---
she was playing a game on the DS and put it down to play my monster game
without me asking!  Love it!!

In honor of Michaela you can download my monster ABC game here.