Sunday, April 29

Honesty Day

Sorry... I know it is short notice, but you might be able to use it some other time in your classroom.

Tomorrow is National Honesty Day and we will be celebrating in my class.  I think it is pretty fitting to end the month telling the truth,  because the first day of the month was spent trying to trick others.  We'll see if my kinders enjoy this day as much!

I usually read this book...

but I am going to check my school library for this one too!
I also found a great story on you tube, its called Doggie Bone Blues.  It has two parts and I will link them below.

My students will also complete one of the following response sheets.  We will be talking about how the characters felt and show those emotions on their own faces.  My kinders will draw a picture of the character's face and write about how that character felt.

You can download you own copy of these response sheets and a couple others by clicking on the picture above.

Other special days this week include--
Mother Goose day
Brothers and Sisters day
Lumpy Rug day
International Tuba day
Cinco de Mayo 

It should be exhasting this week with testing so I thought I would throw in a few 'special' days along with our Alphabet Zoo adventures.  We will be exploring animals that begin with O, P, Q, R, and T.  We are not skipping S, my class jumped to the letter S a while back when I had an last minute change in plans and needed to use a sub planner.  My kinders met  Scaredy Squirrel and talked about what would be in their Emergency Kit.  

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 25

Proud Teacher

Ok, fellow blogger buddies,

I am a proud teacher and I would like to share some papers that my kinders created back in March.  
We read the book Down by the Bay 

and my kinders L.O.V.E.D. it!  They created their own rhyme and I put them on a chart.  Some of my kinders still need to see it this way and EVERYONE loves to revisit it and read each other's sentences during work stations. 
I thought they did a wonderful job coming up with their own rhymes and I wanted them to see their book in print, so I created a class book on Lulu.  

Have you used Lulu before?  

I have made a few students books and have A LOT to complete---but I digress....

It is easier to link up to my class blog and let you see for yourself.  

I should have the hard copy in 3-5 days and I can't wait to show it to them and put it in our class library.

Tuesday, April 24

And the winner is...

Thank you to everyone who left a comment!  
Love it!

Mrs. M's Giveaway

Hurry the giveaway is almost over...
Mrs. M will be wrapping things up soon, so head over to her blog and get entered!  Check out the link for the rules on her sight...

I will be ending tonight after my son's Dare Graduation. So, you have about two more hours here...
Check out this link for the rules on my site.

Saturday, April 21

Celebration Time

Yea!!  It's celebration time!  
Mrs. M. at the 

 has reached 100 followers and she wanted to giveaway one of my 
emergency Sub Plans!  
I am so honored--WOW!  
I was so touched I wanted to give away something and help her get a few more blog followers--
she has a lot of wonderful things to say and share!
I am going to give away one of my Sub Planners--your choice!

Here are the rules:

1.  Follow her blog The Daily Cupcake.... A Kindergarten Blog

2.  Follow my blog Kinderzoo

3.  Follow my Teachers Pay Teacher's store

Each follow is an entry, so make sure you leave a comment
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Katie's first page

So we went back to the basics earlier this week and I had mini lessons on the steps of gathering our ideas and making our books...  read post here
I was REALLY excited about the brainstorming pages and the covers of the new book.  We started talking about the new page and how to practice writing our sentence on the back of the brainstorm page and then write it again with our best handwriting in our books.  
Well,  Katie was sooo excited to be writing in her book and I was shocked when I looked at it at the end of the day--she was not in my writing group that day.  

Everything was green!

So, I put it back in her desk and I thought maybe I didn't fully explain the steps.  Not to mention we had our specials changed to the morning (because of older grades testing in the morning) so we were writing before specials and finishing when we came back--not a good idea.  

So I changed it on Friday and we were only going to write before we left for specials...
I knew it would be for a short amount of time, but that will leave my kinders wanting MORE...

I focused on the picture part during our mini lesson, pictures should look the same, great illustrators use 4-5 colors, colors make sense, etc.  I also bragged about how wonderful our covers were and to make sure you take your time because we want people to WANT to read our books--
also, anyone who doesn't like their page can have it "replaced" with a new sheet.  I explained that we would only have 10 minutes to work on it because we would be leaving for specials--boo hiss from the kiddos inserted here---reminded about working on it at read, write, rest time.  

Well, after everyone was getting settled and working Katie came and said she wanted to fix her page because when she was coloring her picture she had too much green on her cat.  So, I showed her that we could take out that page and she could redo it!  

Yea, she figured it out on her own!  PRICELESS!

and here is her first page progress...

sorry the pic isn't great--taken from my phone.

Wednesday, April 18

We went back to the basics this week....

I was not happy with some of the books that were being turned in--lets face it, they were rushed and sloppy, all because I have kinders that want to be published--NOW.  
As a publisher I have the right to deny--but it's hard!  
So, I told them that we were going to have a 'refresher' in book making.  
Before the words left my mouth, I could hear them saying,
"but I know how"...  
and I stood my ground--because I am the teacher...I am the teacher....

I promised that it would be fun--
like a 'project'--
c'mon, don't've all said it.  
If you call it a 'project' you have them...

Hook.  Line.  And stinker I mean sinker.  

We talked about writing our ideas on our 'brainstorming paper'.  Then we would know exactly what we were going to write about--Easy peasy, lemon squeesy!  She L.O.V.E.S kittens so that is perfect.
Well, she was ready today--and after not listening to directions working ahead... she had to erase a few things and then she was quickly back on track and sticking with our whole group lesson.  She excelled--her cover page was even the model for using colors that make sense, filling up the space, and connecting with the title!  

You go girl!  
I know her first page tomorrow will be A.MA.ZING!
I can't wait to share tomorrow...while you are waiting, click on the pic and you can have our bright ideas brainstorming page.

Sunday, April 15

Scaredy Squirrel

Scaredy Squirrel was too afraid to come out of the tree yesterday, so he missed out on the sale!
I felt bad for him, so in honor of his braveness, his Emergency Sub Plans will be 15% off day today--
April 16th.
click on the sub hero to go to TpT store.

This Emergency Plan includes...

An Emergency Kit crafty writing activity
A reader response paper to choose from
Math time pencil paper worksheet
Analog and digital clock cards for games and practice
Bingo sheet and cards
Squirrel numbered cards 0-31
Differentiated I have...Who with numbers 0-31

Free supplemental activity...
click on tree for a free download

Saturday, April 14


Read all about it....
We are having a sale...

Thanks to Mrs. Wills' for the heads up
Rachelle for the awesome sign!

My class blog

I thought I would share my class blog with you today....

One thing that you might like to check out is student books that I published on 

Have you used this site before?  It was wonderful after I figured out how to get the student books ready and create published books for my students.  My goal is to put a book in the hand of every student in my class, I am hoping parents and grandparents purchase their own child's book, then I will fill in the blanks for the ones who didn't receive one.  The cost for the books vary depending on the length, but it seems the books I have created cost about $7.50 for my purchase and about $9.00 to sell to parents--the difference is publishing costs.  

When my kinders share their 'real' book, the look on their face is priceless and brings tears to my eyes!
That's why we do what we do!  

Thursday, April 12

Our Alphabet Adventure

We have been having so much fun traveling through the alphabet...
on Monday we began our adventure by taking an animal cracker and writing a story about their animal.  I will update this post after I take pics--forgot my camera--and they did such a wonderful job!
Here is a freebie for you...

Body senses and what we can explore with these five senses was the topic for Bb day.  Students wrote about their experiences while visiting the zoo.  Some students were able to pull from real experiences and others used their imagination.  One student wrote about hearing a lion roar and another wrote about the smells from the penguin habitat!  Awesome.  I will try to update with pics when I get back to school.

Tuesday, April 10

I have been tagged...

I was tagged by two people and here are my questions and answers...

Here are my questions from Joni at Kinderkids Fun

1 - What is your favorite dessert?  strawberry cheesecake 

2 - What is your favorite theme to teach?  zoo animals

3 -  What is your favorite color?  I love to wear red, but like to decorate in green and brown

4 - What ice cream flavor is your favorite?  chocolate

5 - Where is your dream vacation spot?  chair on the beach

6 - How many school days do you have until summer vacation?  26 student days and then however long it takes me to pack everything up

7 - What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?  Spend time with my family

8 - What current fashion trend are you loving right now?  only fashion trend that I can think about is pj day at our school today and I am rockin' the pjs--comfy!

9 - What are you looking forward to doing this summer?  Looking forward my youngest son singing with his choir members at the Cardinal's game and to my middle son's wedding in July, no major events for my oldest son--spending time with family at our cabin on the river in Oklahoma.

10 - Which kind of jewelry do you prefer (gold or silver)?  I have both and like both

Here are my questions from Mrs. M. at The Daily Cupcake

1.  Coffee, tea, or soda?  Coffee with creamer--never ever straight!

2.  How long have you been teaching?  What grades?  This is my 11th year--all kindergarten.

3.  When do you do most of your blog posts (evenings, weekends, mornings?)

4.  What is in your teacher bag?  My lap top, student books to publish on Lulu, picture from my niece, bottle of water, random papers to go through...

5.  If you were not teaching the grade level you currently are what grade level or special area would you like to teach?  Why?  If I wasn't teaching kindergarten, I would like to be teaching Pre-K because I love watching children explore and learn about new things.  If I was teaching a special class, I would love to be in the library because I could read to students all day!

6.  What was the last teaching conference or workshop that you attended?  I am going to add on to this question...and you would like to see more... I attended one of Lester's workshops about storytelling and writing and it was amazing!  I recommend listening to him if you ever get the chance!  (Lester Laminack)

7.  Do you work with any other teacher bloggers?  Yes, Mrs. Wills!

8.  What made you start your own blog?  Mrs. Wills, but I also loving sharing and finding out what everyone else is doing.  Nosey I guess!

9.  What do you like to read when you are not reading teaching related material?  I am currently reading Breaking Dawn, I want to read The Hunger Games, The Shack, and I like Jodi Picoult books.

10.  What is the one tip you would have for a new teacher?  Breathe, have fun, and try to enjoy yourself in spite of all the paperwork!

Here are the rules...

1.  Post the rules
2.  Answer the ten questions posted for you
3.  Create 10 questions to ask of other bloggers
4.  Tag 10 people
5.  Don't forget to let them know that you tagged them

My questions...
1.  What is your favorite day of the work week?  Why?
2.  Any pets at home?  In the classroom?
3.  Morning person or night owl?
4.  What music do you listen to on the ride to/from school?
5.  Do you have a scensy in the classroom?  What flavor is warming?
6.  What is your favorite school lunch?
7.  What is your favorite read aloud at school?
8.  What are you reading for fun now?  Is it on an e-reader or real book?
9.  What is your favorite TV show?
10.  What is in your prize/treasure box at school?

I have tagged (random order)...

1.  Differentiated Kindergarten
2.  Chalk Talk
3.  Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business
4.  read-write-sing
5.  Mrs. Wood's Dual Language Kindergarten class
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10.  Live Laugh Love

'whew' I did it!  Now I can't wait to see the answers!

Sunday, April 8

Traveling through the Alphabet

OMG!!! We have 26 more class days and a few fun days and then end of the year will be here!  Can you believe it??
So, we will begin 'traveling through the alphabet' tomorrow--I can't wait!  We will eating animal crackers, flying paper airplanes, and finding out about ants.  
I will be posting pics tomorrow, but here is a copy of the poem that will go in our poetry journal--

Friday, April 6

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I wanted to introduce you to my new set of Emergency Lesson Plans--The Very Hungry Caterpillar and they are based around Eric Carle's book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
 Click on the image to go to my TpT store.

They were originally designed to help teachers when they needed to have a sub in their room but were unable to create detailed lesson plans.  But, I like using them in my room from time to time because everything I need is in one location--ready to go.  I take time--when I am feeling great--and make copies, cut the construction paper, and put everything together in one package to use later.  We even have a sub that refills it during planning time when our kinders are at specials class.  How amazing is she?  Thank you Lorna Smith!

Monday, April 2


My kinders are so excited when we are writing!  They have so much to share and tell each other about.  One of my students even brought in the paper so we cut out the pictures and put them on our bulletin board--I wish I would have taken pictures so you could see how amazing it looks!  The last two weeks have been so much fun with the eggs and the chicks because my kinders were writing about their observations when looking at the eggs, when the chicks hatched, and how they changed from day to day.  So, I began thinking of how we could incorporate the news and our writing.  We talked about it during a class meeting and decided that they could be 'reporters' and report the news.  We would then put these papers by the news bulletin board so the other students could read them.  Here is a sample of one of the news sheets that they will be using...
click on the pick to get a copy