Thursday, May 24

The after pictures...

Well, I cleaned my room in record time this year.... 
and I purged more items that I am not using!  I have empty cabinet space and room in my closet or more things!  So, I will be ready to do it all over again in August when I take everything back out!
Here are some pictures of what my room looks like...

My goal next year is to get my monthly (gray) tubs to fit in my closet so the custodians do not have to move them to the hallway.  I think I might have been able to be able to pull it off this year, but I was wanting to be finished on Monday because my son only had a 1/2 day on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was a little selfish and wanted to pick him up from school on those 2 days.  

I am off for now to pack a little more...we are heading to our cabin in Oklahoma for 11-12 days!
Everything from reading, fishing, riding horses, and resting!  
We leave in 4 hours!  I have to finish packing!

Friday, May 18

School's Out!

Now, the most dreaded day of the year...

cleaning my room---
packing and inventory!

I guess it's that time of year to purge again.  Last year I did a pretty good job of letting things go, and I think I will need to let more go this year.  If it didn't come out of the closet last year, it may have to meet the trash can or the FREE box.

Do you pack up your room, or just close the door?

By the is supposed to be a beautiful day and I would love to be sitting outside reading a book in my comfy chair!  So, that make today even harder--maybe it will be my inspiration...


Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all the great Mothers out there!  What will you be doing for Mother's Day?

My hubby asked what I wanted to do, and I told him that I would be working on school things...

...a few more books to publish
...get my time capsules ready for filling tomorrow
click here and here to read last year's post
...print off my end of the year poem for my Kindergarten Treasure's Packet
...get pictures ready for their slideshow DVD of all our Kindergarten pics

then, more to do when I get to school tomorrow.  
Good thing I live 37 miles away from school or I might be there 


We don't have our own keys---probably a good thing!

My hubby said, "They really didn't think about teacher moms when they planned Mother's day did they?  Mother's day should be in June and Father's day should be in May."  I offered to switch days and he could celebrate Father's day today but he said no because he has too much to do---he will be fixing dinner later--

RIBS!  Yea!

So I am working on the computer and he is cleaning the kitchen.

Maybe I should get to work...

Happy Mother's Day

Friday, May 11

TpT Shopping Find Linky Party

Erica Bohrer is hosting a linky party to showcase everything you purchased during the TpT sale.
So, did you go shopping during the HUGE TpT sale?

I did!  
Here is what I purchased.  I only have 3 1/2 days, so I will have to wait to use Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse--but I am going to start using my clip art very soon.... can't wait!

I love the 3AM Teacher!

This looks so cute--from Tracee Orman.

This looks so cute--from Kindergarten at Heart

More great clip art from the 3AM Teacher.

This one is from Sailing Through 1st Grade

Guess who??--from the 3AM Teacher!

I loved looking at the purchases everyone made and I need to head over and pick up the 

and save myself a little time this weekend!  Now I won't have to create my own!

Head on over to her blog and link up!

Sunday, May 6

Teacher Appreciation Week Sweepstakes and a Linky Party

...over at Teacher's Notebook!  I am getting my store in order over there so I can offer my products to you all week!  I have created a sale with 30% off all week---today until Friday, May 6-11!  Awesome!!  Teacher's Notebook creators have a special promotion...

Teachers Notebook will be running a promotion called the "Teacher Appreciation Week Sweeptakes". The sweepstakes will run from May 5th to May 11th where they will be giving away $100 every single day to one lucky winner. The winners can use the $100 credit to purchase items from the shops.

Click on the promo link to register for the sweepstakes and then click on my hippo to visit my store.  I will continue to add more of my products this week and include them in the sale.

Teacher's Notebook is also on Pinterest, you can follow them on the link below

Are you a shop owner at Teacher's Notebook?  Link up so everyone can see view your store.

Saturday, May 5

Teacher Appreciation and...

...a Linky party over at Mrs. Will's Kindergarten!
She has been gracious enough to host a linky party for your one stop shop!  Just swing over to her blog and check out all the awesome sales!  

I appreciate all my followers, so I will be offering 20% off plus an additional 10% if you enter TAD12. 
Thank you Erica for the great graphic!

Now I am off to add more to my wish list so I will be ready tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 2

I AM DROWNING... paperwork!

Hurry, throw me a chain of paperclips so I can get organized.  
Well, I have a stack of books that I am scanning so I can publish more of my student's books through Lulu.  

I love this site---

it does take some time, but the look on my kinder's faces when they hold their 'real' book is priceless!  So, I push on and


Also, this week is our 'testing window' and I am giving it my best to get everyone tested THIS WEEK! 
 Most  All is completed individually with the exception of the writing prompt...unless...

--someone is absent--

which there ALWAYS is!  

I'm not complaining--just wishing I had more time.  
I am thankful because I will get some of that time next week when I am grading writing prompts or compiling all of my data because my district gives teachers a half day to work on DRAs and a sub fills in in our room. 
                   All I can say is 


But there is a reason for this post, while I was scanning books I found Katie's news report last month when Kaleb had his birthday...

Kaleb had a birthday and he is six now.  He got a pencil from the office.

And that is the reason for pushing on...
Happy testing everyone!