Thursday, June 28

I'm back...

as promised, here is the freebie I talked about yesterday.

Zoe even 'helped' me finish it up today.  Sometimes she is so pushy and just makes her self at home on my desk, good thing I love her!

Don't look too closely, there are a lot of boxes that Devin moved into my office so I could go through them.  Feeling a little boxed in right!

Enough of that mess, I loved looking at the beach clip art and wished I was at the beach and my boot was off!  I will see the Dr. on Monday, but I am pretty sure that I will still have the book on.  I may have to be a rebel and crawl into the pool and figure out later how I will get out.  I guess it wouldn't be too awful to be stuck in the pool especially when it is 107* in backyard!

Crazy enough, I had to tell my 11 year old that I didn't think he had a great idea this afternoon.  He wanted to put 20 lbs of weights in a backpack and run around the house.  I was a little surprised that I was explaining the dangers while sweat was pouring off of his face after 2 laps.  Really??  Now time to purge the basement so my new couch will fit!

Stay cool everyone. 

Wednesday, June 27

A Day at the Beach...

Not really, but I am working on some games that take me to the beach, guess I am just wanting out of this boot so I can get in the water and relax!
It took me a little longer to get back---I think I did too much last week (when I was feeling good ) and I was back on crutches Sunday and Monday.  But, I am moving better now and trying to go a little slower--I want this boot off!  Oh ya, I might have gotten a little side tracked with Mr. Grey.  Oh la la...but I digress.

Here is a picture of Megan and Tyler's cake from their engagement party on Saturday.  It was my first two tiered cake.
Her girlfriends did a great job of party planning and I was more than happy to make the cake.

Here is the happy couple...tomorrow will be one more month until the big day!

I promised a flash giveaway, so here it is...
The first five people to comment below will receive an emergency sub planner.
Be sure to leave your email and the sub plan that you would like to have.  You can check out the sub plans on my

Come back tomorrow and I will have a freebie for your class.  Working on it now and should be finished soon.

Wednesday, June 20

My computer is back!

My computer is back and I am celebrating by having a sale at my TpT store until Friday!  I have put everything at 20% off for sticking with me while my computer was on the mend.  I am feeling like having a flash giveaway later this week--I'll have to see what I can do...

Finally, I can work on some new products and the book study!

Tuesday, June 19

My computer is on the mend...

I am so excited because I just received a call that my computer should be finished tomorrow! It needed a new hard drive--but he thinks he should be able to save all my personal files! Awesome! Well, I have been reading--for pleasure--so a small part of me is sad to see that the computer has healed so quickly. What have you been reading this summer? Do I dare ask?

Tuesday, June 12

No computer...

My computer crashed (again) on Friday and I am waiting it's return--hopefully with everything I had on it. So, please keep your fingers crossed. I didn't have my files backed up....don't say it, I know. I promise I will back up every time from now on--pinkey swear! I couldn't wait any longer, so I am trying to post and check other blogs from my iPad.

Thursday, June 7

Can't sit still....

I had high hopes of an office upstairs because Tyler (middle son) was moving into his own house and Devin (youngest) was moving into his room downstairs.  But, most of you know what happened...
the porch and the boot :0(

I am restless, I love sitting around doing nothing just like the next person----BUT I WANT MY OFFICE!

So I decided to start moving things today, I know it will take longer, but I can't wait until July...

I started going through his stuff and

      filled a few trash bins,

     and garage sale bins.

  I decided to let Devin do the 'leg' work (hahahaha) and move his stuff downstairs and the trash outside.

     I caught him standing and watching TV...I think I might need to light a fire under him and get him to move faster...Now he is filling up the white bucket and taking more down at once.

We are beginning to make a dent,

I'll have the hubby take some furniture downstairs and I just might be able to get to the walls tomorrow!  I am also thinking of using this bunk bed in my reading area.  I want to transform it into a tree house.  Devin slept on the top and we had a curtain on the bottom for his 'man cave'!  Now he is fine with just a twin in his new room--growing up I guess.  Although he said it would have been better had Tyler left the big bed! lol  I think he is finished clearing the rest of what you see, so I need to do more sorting.  More pics tomorrow.  Any ideas for the color?  The carpet is beige with little spots of color so it will go with almost anything.

Tuesday, June 5

New Shoes

Ok, I know girls are supposed to love shoes, but I really prefer no shoes.  During the summer I paint my toes a pretty color and I am barefoot until I have to put shoes on to go somewhere.

Well, that will change this summer....

Picture this--

I am on my way home from vacation and decide to stop and visit my son at his new house.  We take Lucy out of the car to see her old friends and Maggie (my son's dog) was happy to see her, but not Heidi (Megan's dog).

They started growling at each other and there is about a 70 pound difference--not in Lucy's favor.

I decided to take her to the truck because last time this happened her head was in Heidi's mouth--and Lucy is a slow learner....

Lucy is a little bossy and Heidi can be too, so not a good combination.

The biggest dog of all---Maggie--  well, she is passive, a peace maker, and a doberman.

Lucy is a little 16 pound mess.  She is AWESOME with Zoe the cat and lets Zoe boss her around, but she tries to be in charge with every other dog...

                 Zoe was a baby in this pic--she is bigger than Lucy now.

but I digress....

So, I am taking her to the truck and I step off with the WRONG foot.

I say the wrong foot because about five years ago I tore the ligaments around the ankle in my left foot and I wore a walking cast from August to November.  Not much fun when trying to set up your room and you are on crutches.

I stepped of the porch on my LEFT foot and it completely abandoned me and turned inside and down I went.

It must have been horrible at first because my husband looked at it and made a noise and said, "I think you broke it and we are going to the hospital."

Wait--no--this can't happen---but, yes we are going to the hospital.

I have to admit, at first it did look like the bone was sticking out so I prayed a lot.  If God thought I needed a broken leg I would be fine with that, but maybe I could learn my lesson with a sprain???  I would still have a walking 'cast' and would be forced to slow off to the hospital we went.

Here is a picture of my foot while I was waiting for x-rays....

Nice---huh?  Well, it wasn't broken so I got an air cast and follow up with my doctor.  I called Dr. Chalk, a foot expert and hoped he would set my boot so I could get around better.  For those of you who haven't had an air cast--there is not much support.  The boot is annoying, but at least every inch of my foot is protected and I will be able to put some weight on it.  

I saw Dr. Chalk on Monday and more x-rays were needed because the hospital took pics of my leg and not much of my I feared again for a short time that it would be broken.  Prayed, prayed, and prayed some more while I was waiting.  The x-rays came back and he said no break and the three bones looked intact and where they were supposed to be---good news.  He thought it would be a great idea to wear the boot so here we are...

Look what I found on my camera...another picture of Lucy being bossy to Ben's dog while we were on vacation.  They did get along pretty well and she was mostly trying to get him to play--but you can see her bossiness in this picture.

So, I had a lot of things planed--such as:

Starting a walking program--but no fear my right leg is getting quite a work out along with my upper body from the crutches.  I might put this boot thing on my right leg after my left is healed--just to balance things out--lol!

Painting--I think I will still be able to manage this, just have to wait until next week.

Moving furniture--I was going to move Devin down to Tyler's old room and change his room to my office.  This will still be able to happen, but I will need the boys to move the furniture.  I will just have to be patient and not sweat the small stuff!  I am VERY thankful that it is June and not August.  I will have to wait and see if I ca still get some pool time....if not, I can catch up on my reading while Devin swims.  I will go back to see Dr. Chalk July 2 so I hopeful that the boot will be off before Tyler and Megan's wedding.  Icing, resting and fingers are crossed.  

Sorry for the long post, but Monday was a LONG day!

Friday, June 1


Greetings from my home in Oklahoma...

I thought I would share a few pictures with you from Oklahoma!  
We had some fun earlier in the week and went horseback riding--here is a pic of Devin.

We also had a great time jugging.   

 Me pulling in jugs after the gaffing hook broke---HORRIBLE pic of  me! 
I will be walking EVERYDAY!

Here is a few pics of Devin getting some fish off the jugs. 

And the hubby throwing for shad...

Devin also learned how to clean them by himself--I am super excited about that!

Devin's (green vest) cousin Ben (blue) joined him on Thursday to help jug.  Devin is using the gaffing hook before it broke :0(

 I am VERY glad that we pulled them last night because it is VERY cold today!  
We went to some garage sales and I have a new picture for my room--also went to Walmart and found giraffe print for my chair at school---I am so excited about that!

Here are a few other pictures from the river...

I hope you are enjoying some time off--next week I will be purging and painting at my house in Missouri--have to be honest, I am kinda looking forward to this.  It hasn't been all fishing this week, I have created a few projects that I found on my Pinterest.  I am very happy about that!  I created a couple of the canvas portraits from pictures and the sugar scrub.  
--It is great for getting the fishy smell off my hands!--
Now, I am working on a monkey towel for my niece's baby.  

Talk to you later!

Has your school year ended?  What will you be doing your first week off?