Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year

It's here...the New Year...I hope it is better than last year.  Most of 2012 was great, I only have issues with the last four months, but enough of that.

I am trying to make a fresh start with the new year.  Now, that doesn't mean I won't slide back occasionally, but I will try to do my best to push hard and push forward.

We have a work day tomorrow at school and I am thankful for that.  I would love to should say that I worked on school projects, or organized something, but I did not.  I enjoyed ALL my time with family and friends.  I will spend tomorrow getting ready for my new school year.  In the past I would really try hard to put my family first, but I was guilty of thinking we would have more time to do things we wanted to do--LATER.  I make a very conscience effort to live in the moment now.  Sometimes watching a movie with family or visiting with friends is the most important thing for me to do at that moment.  And I will not feel guilty about it.  Don't get me wrong, there is time when I need to work on school projects, but it will not become the priority.  I am hoping know that I can balance family and work and still find happiness in the middle.

If this wasn't enough, I am going to try a Zumba workout with my sister-in-law tomorrow night.  I am not very coordinated, so I hope I don't break anything...wish me luck!

So, what did you do on your break?  Or will you be trying something new?