Friday, December 6

I Blinked....

We had a snow day today (happy dance) and I jumped on the computer to say hi to everyone and get back in the swing of posting again.  Well, guess what I found--a post that I started last September.  So I thought instead of deleting it, I would share my thoughts from a few months ago.  Sorry, but this gives me a little bit of a 'cheat' to get back in the swing of things again.  So, let's go back in time...way back to September when it was warm and the crayons were not a broken mess on the floor--lol!

....September entry:

Oh my, I had such high expectations back in July to get back in the swing of things....Well, 'post Florida' reality set in and we have not had a free moment!  The weeks have been packed with getting Devin to school so I can rush to my classroom (before the kiddos walk in) and then rushing home after school to get him to football practice.  Whew, I am even tired just talking about it!  Our weekends have been busy with football games and other various family activities. Earlier this month marked a year since my husband had passed.  His friends held a memorial golf tournament to honor his memory and everyone had a good time--a little bittersweet.  Awards were given away for the champions (2 man team) and they had a few funny awards that they handed out also.  Sorry about the pictures, my son's phone doesn't take the best pictures.

These were the champions.

These were the runners up.

Now back to school stuff--
I have A LOT of things that I still want to do and I am working on them so I can share with all of you.  I am so grateful for my class--another great group!  They are the reason why I love my job.  I will try to do better posting pics of the things we are doing.  We made fried apples and applesauce this week.  I was worried about a writing lesson that was coming up--it was about families.  I wasn't sure how I would do this, so I decided to draw a picture of  my three boys and Tyler's wife Megan.  This began a discussion of husbands and wives and they asked if I had a husband--this threw me for a loop and was unexpected..  What to do?  I said yes, but it is sad because there was an accident and he is in Heaven now.  I had a tear and they were concerned for me, but I switched gears and showed them pictures of they boys and Megan.  Usually five year olds have loads of questions, but not on this day.  We moved on and so far it hasn't been brought up again.  I don't mind talking about him and do everyday; I was just not expecting their questions that day.  I am sure it will come up again and that will be fine.